Challenge Badges



Challenge Badge Record: Challenge record.pdf


Guides do a Challenge badge each year. There are 4 in total.They represent committment to Guiding.


To complete a Challenege Badge, you need to do all of the sections:


Challenge Badge
1. Over a 12-month period, be a reliable member of your Patrol.
  • Talk to your Patrol about what it's like to belong to that team and make one suggestion for improvement.
  • Sign and keep the unit's Guidelines.
  • If you have sometimes found the Guidelines difficult to keep, discuss this with your Patrol and make suggestions for changes.
2. Complete at least two Go For Its! with your Patrol and help to decide what you do.
Note: If you have used a Go For It! successfully for four Patrol times, the Go For It! is completed.
3. Complete two activities outside your meeting place. This could be anything from trampolining to computer training, to attending a guiding event.
4. Take part in a community activity that involves doing something for somebody else. This should be different from your activities in clause 3. It might involve fundraising for charity or campaigning on an important issue.
5. Share with your Patrol your favourite guiding experiences over the past 12 months. What have you enjoyed? What have you learned? And how would you encourage others who are taking on their challenge badge?
Good luck!