Joining Brassington Guides

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Welcome Welcome to the pages for 1st Brassington Guides


Meetings We meet in term time in the village from 7.30 - 9pm


Costs Guides pay £2.00 subs a week, plus an annual census fee of about £22. When Guides first join, they pay a fee for their first bags, books and badges


Uniform We are a uniformed organisation, and Guides will need a uniform within the first 6 weeks, but only a top as Guides wear their own choice of navy or black trousers or jeans. You can order through us.


Contacts  To go on the list to join 1st Brassington Guides, either:

  • If you're already a Brownie, ask your leader to contact us to put you on the waiting to join list
  • If you're new to Guiding, or transferring from another area, please go onto 'Parents' to register your daughter

For more information please contact wjslater@aol.com or junebaldwin1@hotmail.com